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If you’re seeking out exceptional quality dental care in the Peralta, New Mexico area, look to the experienced dental team at Just Clean Smiles. Providing a comprehensive range of advanced dental services, from the essentials in preventive, emergency and pediatric care, to leading-edge restorative, implant and cosmetic treatments for your smile, we’re well equipped to address the unique oral care needs of your entire family. If you have been experiencing pain or stiffness in your jaws, as your 87042 TMJ dentist can help. Offering advanced treatment for a broad range of dental issues, from gum disease and dental injuries, to TMJ jaw-joint disorders, your’re in excellent hands at our office.

With jaws that click, pop, feel stiff, or hurt when opening or closing, the most ordinary tasks can become a challenge. If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, it is possible that a TMJ jaw-joint disorder is to blame. At Just Clean Smiles, as your 87042 TMJ dentist we’re equipped to perform a careful oral exam to determine the precise cause of your discomfort. The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the joint which acts as a hinge between your jaw and the rest of your skull. TMJ disorders can result owing to range of underlying issues, from chronic teeth clenching or grinding, to the gradual effects of an improperly aligned bite. Chronic teeth grinding or clenching is typically a nighttime condition, known as bruxism, which can be safely and effectively addressed by wearing a customized set of night guards during sleep. Designed with your comfort in mind, night guards keep your jaws apart throughout the night, relieving the pressure on your TMJ. Depending on the precise cause of your TMJ jaw-joint disorder, treatment can vary widely.

If you’ve been experiencing pain, discomfort, or difficulty with chewing or speaking, it’s best to schedule an appointment with an experienced 87042 TMJ dentist at our office. To schedule your next visit, contact the friendly staff at Just Clean Smiles today!

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